High Elk travels to England


Codi High Elk was invited to dance for the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle. High Elk traveled to England for the event on May 2 and returned home May 14.
High Elk was one of three Native Americans from the Midwest to dance at the event. High Elk’s nephews, Joe and Moses Bring Plenty, were asked to find dancers who could ride a horse for the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant.
“I got my passport right away after my nephews signed me up,” said High Elk.
The Diamond Jubilee Pageant celebrated the Queen’s reign over England for the last 60 years. The Queen wanted to represent all of the countries she had visited in the past 60 years. The pageant had 100 acts performing simultaneously on different stages. Each performance featured indigenous dancers, musicians, military personnel, and horsemen who came together to demonstrate the culture of their country.
High Elk met many people from all over the world.
“There were so many people and the sad part about it was that we weren’t able to meet everybody we wanted to,” said High Elk.
The performances began May 10 and concluded May 13.
High Elk had the honor of meeting the Queen at the Royal Tea.
“She was a humble lady. She truly cares for people,” said High Elk.
High Elk and the other performers stayed in snooze boxes.
“Snooze boxes are kind of like converted railroad cars. There were two beds and a bathroom area. They will be used for the Olympics, but we got to try them out first,” said High Elk.
High Elk’s favorite part of the experience was being able to represent the Native American people in the finale.
“I was honored to ride four different horses, as the owners all wanted their horses to be in the finale. My dad would have been so happy that his teachings were represented in England,” said High Elk.

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