911 Corporation moves to Phase 3


By Tiffany Haynes Reed
The 911 Corporation in Eagle Butte has completed phase two of their plan. Phase two’s goal was to use GPS to track down callers who call from a cell phone. This capability is important in instances where a caller dials 911, but does not know their location. Using this feature the 911 dispatcher can locate the caller’s precise location up to a few feet or yards.
The 911 Corporation in conjunction with phase two has also given almost every home on the reservation an address. This is helpful to the dispatchers, as previously many people did not have a physical address. Beau Maynard, Communications Director for the 911 Corporation stated that almost every residence now has an address.
“I’m still building the database. People are calling in and that helps me to get my map as accurate as possible,” said Maynard.
The software used to address the locations is high tech. and uses satellite imagery to address location. A person can tell where their home is located and in a few seconds they will see a picture of their block and their house. The benefits of having a physical address are numerous and include being able to have UPS or FEDEX delivered, being able to apply for some credit cards, and children being able to tell a police officer their address if they are lost.
The 911 Corporation will move on to phase three which focuses on landline phones.
“With phase three we will be able to tell the ambulance exactly where to go,” said Maynard.
To find out your address call 605.964.2000

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