2012 CRST Pow Wow Dance and Singing Constest Results


Junior Girls’ Fancy: 1st-Emaree Iron Hawk; 2nd-Jaylee Rencountre; 3rd-Regan Dunn; 4th-Kasandra Arcoren; 5th- Cami Jo Guggolz
Junior Girls’ Jingle: 1st- Teyah Uses Arrow; 2nd Nique Long; 3rd-Jazlea Arcoren; 4th-Kaygen Bear Comes Out; 5th-Lily Smith
Junior Girls’ Traditional: 1st-Honey Girl Bull Bear; 2nd-Selena Iron Cloud; 3rd-Marley Whitefish; 4th-Malikia Village Center; 5th-Alyssa McLaughlin
Teen Girls’ Fancy: 1st-Symone Paskimin; 2nd-Oskate Win One Star; 3rd-Charlize Arcoren; 4th-Sandi Phillips; 5th-Caitie Plenty Chief
Teen Girls’ Jingle: 1st-Jordon Drapeau; 2nd-Shaydee Pretends Eagle; 3rd-Sunsine Arcoren; 4th-Mariah Antell; 5th-Brianna Torallita
Teen Girls’ Traditional: 1st-Lalani Bull Bear; 2nd-Wehay Blackbird; 3rd-Kelsey Tortalita; 4th-Khadiah Meeches; 5th-Delicia Payer
Junior Boys’ Fancy: 1st-Cash Draper; 2nd-Dreamer White; 3rd-DeShaun Uses Arrow; 4th-Max Sevier; 5th-Carlos Benally
Junior Boys’ Grass: 1st-Wakiyan Cook; 2nd-Wambdi Clairmont; 3rd-Yamni Heminger; 4th-Chad Morsette; 5th-JT Largo II
Junior Boys’ Traditional: 1st-JJ Good Nature; 2nd-Terrance Menard; 3rd-Myles Bull Bear; 4th-Misunkala Clairmont; 5th-Alize West
Teen Boys’ Fancy: 1st-Jessup Yazzie; 2nd-Sonny Means
Teen Boys’ Grass: 1st-Theron Paskimin; 2nd-Ethan Little Shield; 3rd-Arrow Iron Cloud; 4th-Damon Baker; 5th-Taran Fox
Teen Boys’ Traditional: 1st-Theodore Yazicappi; 2nd-Antwan Bull Bear; 3rd-Marques Browken Nose
Jr/Teen Boys’ Chicken Dance: 1st-Tommy Red Tomahawk; 2nd-Deo Top Sky; 3rd-Gabe Desrosiers, Jr.; 4th-Wiley Bear Comes Out; 5th-Dawson Yellowfat
Junior Women’s Fancy: 1st-Amber Cleveland; 2nd-Keya Clairmont; 3rd-Matika Bearstail; 4th-Mimi Souksavath; 5th-Tiffany Phelps-Weston
Junior Women’s Jingle: 1st-Jessie Rencountre; 2nd-Mali Cloud; 3rd-Tonia Jo Hall; 4th-Fanica Prince; 5th-Shalana Yazicappi
Junior Women’s Traditional: 1st-Delmarina One Feather; 2nd-Shaylynn Ramsey; 3rd-Vanessa Hu-Yamni; 4th-Arianna Uses Arrow; 5th-Erin Taken Alive
Senior Women’s Fancy: 1st-Kelli LeBeau; 2nd-Gena Top Sky; 3rd-Marcella Gilbert; 4th-Lynda One Feather
Senior Women’s Jingle: 1st-Denise One Star; 2nd-Reva Hayes; 3rd-Cepa Two Eagle; 4th-Tomicita Mountain Sheep; 5th-Alice Phelps
Senior Women’s Traditional: 1st-Kella With Horn; 2nd-Rochella Bull Head; 3rd-Leslie Ann Wilson, 4th-Denise Fast Horse; 5th-Maxine Broken Nose
Golden Age Women: 1st-Carmon Clairmont; 2nd-Sandra Black Bear; 3rd-Delores Hayes; 4th-Gloria Cournoyer; 5th-Madonna Thunder Hawk
Junior Men’s Fancy: 1st-Warshield White; 2nd-Jasten Bears Tail; 3rd-White Coyote Holy Bull; 4th-Michelle Baker; 5th-Chaske Heminger
Junior Men’s Grass: 1st-Wylee Bearstail; 2nd-AJ Redman; 3rd-Nupe Fox; 4th-Jason Cook; 5th-Luke Cloud
Junior Men’s Traditional: 1st-Dwight Little John; 2nd-MJ Bull Bear; 3rd-BJ Sanderson; 4th-Jiles Pourier; 5th-Brad Rattling Tail
Senior Men’s Fancy: 1st-Spike Drapeau; 2nd-Vern Sevier; 3rd-David Kelly
Senior Men’s Grass: 1st-Randall Paskimin; 2nd-Mike One Star; 3rd-Lakota Clairmont; 4th-Darrell Paskimin; 5th-Todd Ike
Senior Men’s Traditional: 1st- Galen Drapeau, Jr.; 2nd-Avery Thompson; 3rd-Steve Yellow Earrings; 4th-Scott With Horn; 5th-Ira Colhoff
Junior Senior Men’s Chicken Dance: 3rd-Faron Chamakese-Waskahat; 4th-Todd Half/Rod Atcheynum; 5th-Derek Howell/Rooster Top Sky
Golden Age Men: 1st-Kip White Cloud; 2nd-Clark Zephier; 3rd -Walter LaBatte, Jr.; 4th-Ron Eagle Chasing; 5th-E. Rhae Washburn
Drum Split (29) starting with #1-Pejito Wakpa, The Nation, Kiukanpo, Eagle Sky, Ghost Horse, Bad Bear, Agency, Northern Dakota, Mahpiya Ska, Wakiya Maza, Indian Creek, Lakeside, Wambli Ska, Crazy Bull, Running Bear, Across Water, Eagle Creek, Iron Wood, Kangi Cikala, High Spirit, Spirit Lake Dakota, Si Tanka, Cherry Creek, Grand River, Tatanka Topa, White River Crossing, Young Blue Birds, First Americans, Bad Nation
Singing Contest: 1st-Blackstone; 2nd-Standing Horse; 3rd-Iron Boy; 4th-White Tail Boys; 5th-Crazy Horse.

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