Dupree Tigers boys win Timber Lake Invitational and Little Moreau title


The Dupree Tigers competed at the Timber Lake Invitational last Saturday. The boys won the meet after claiming three of the top five spots. Twins Nate and Tate Widow finished second and third and Tyler Little Star finished fifth. The boys finished with six points followed by second place Faith who finished with 15 points.For the girls, Hanna Higdon finished third with a time of 20:17 over the 4000-meter course and Sage Brooks finished seventh with 22:10.
Little Moreau Conference
Nate Widow led the pack for the boys at the Little Moreau Conference last Monday in Lemmon. Widow placed second ahead of brother Tate who finished third. Tyler Little Star finished eighth and eighth grader Ethan Eagle Chasing finished 11th.
Hannah Higdon finished eleventh and Sage Brooks finished fifteenth.
Timber Lake Invitational
Boys 5000 meters
1. Daniel Burkhalter, Bison, 19:11; 2. Tate Widow, Dupree, 20:38; 3. Nate Widow, Dupree, 20:58; 4. Nick Bad Warrior, Timber Lake, 20:33; 5. Tyler Little Star, Dupree, 22:50; 6. Drew Vance, Faith, 23:44; 7. Jarius Halligan, Faith, 24:23:00; 8, Joey Auklond, Bison, 24:50:00; 9. David Ruth, Faith, 27:22:00.Girls 4000 meters.
1. Reba Aberle, Timber Lake, 19:01; 2. Evy Johnson, Timber Lake, 19:50; 3. Hannah Higdon, Dupree, 20:17; 4. Daryl Smith, Timber Lake, 20:41; 5. Kenidee Keller, Timber Lake, 20:55; 6. Mary Aberle, Timber Lake, 21:12; 7. Sage Brooks, Dupree, 22:10; 8. Shayna Engel, Faith, 22:53.

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