C-EB runners dominate home meet


By Ross DuBray

The C-EB Cross Country squad dominated their home meet last week as both the boys and girls picked up their third team win in the last three meets. All of the boys finished in the top ten including the top three spots, filled by Xavier Norris, Seven Annis, and Dillon Miner respectively. The Dupree squad finished second led by Hoss Rave who finished sixth.

The C-EB girl’s team filled four of the top five positions. Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle picked up her second straight win, crossing the finish line at 16:47 followed by Ivy Norris who finished second. Macy Shupick finished with fourth place followed by River Gunville. D’Aryn Lends His Horse finished seventh and Ranger Gunville rounded out the C-EB runners with a ninth place finish.

The Braves head into Regions this week carrying the momentum of the last three meets. The regional meet will take place on this Thursday in Chamberlain.

Varsity Boys 5000M

1, Xavier Norris, C-EB, 17:10; 2, Seven Annis, C-EB,17:26; 3, Dillon Miner, C-EB, 17:33; 4, Daniel Burkhalter, Bison,17:39; 5, Harold Red Owl, C-EB,17:56; 6, Hoss Rave, Dupree,18:00;

7, Austin Huether, Wall,18:23; 8, Caleb LeBeau, C-EB,18:30; 9, Don’E Red Water, C-EB,18:32;

10, Nate Widow, Dupree, 18:40; 11, Tate Widow, Dupree, 18:43; 12, Brenden Harrison, Standing Rock, 18:54; 13, Dee’ Hawk Moran, Dupree, 19:51; 14, Jeffery Red Tomahawk, C-EB, 19:52; 15, Corbin Claymore, Standing Rock, 20:16; 16, Tyler Little Star, Dupree, 20:34

17, Josh McKinstry, Bison, 21:11; 18, Thaine Thunder Hawk, Standing Rock, 22:01

19,Alex Tysdal, Wall, 24:07.

Team Standings

1, C-EB, 6; 2, Dupree, 22.

Varsity Girls 4000M

1, Destiny Beautiful Bald Eagle, C-EB, 16:47; 2, Ivy Norris, C-EB, 17:01; 3, Morgan Ham, Lemmon, 17:13; 4, Macy Shupick, C-EB, 17:55; 5, River Gunville, C-EB, 18:01; 6, Brady Beer, Lemmon, 18:11; 7, D’Aryn Lends His Horse, C-EB, 18:20; 8, Hannah Higdon, Dupree, 18:32; 9, Ranger Gunville, C-EB, 18:34; 10, Bailie Beer, Lemmon, 18:37; 11, Sage Brooks, Dupree, 19:36; 12, Sondi Phillips, Standing Rock, 20:34; 13, Kinzie Rhoades, Standing Rock, 21:03; 14, Raquel American Horse, Standing Rock, 21:45; 15, Emily Moran, Standing Rock, 23:03.

Team Standings

1, C-EB 7; 2, Lemmon, 18 .

JV Boys 4000M

1, Skyler Thunder Hawk, C-EB, 16:06; 2, Grant Kohlus, C-EB, 16:32; 3, Andy White Eyes, C-EB, 17:15; 4, Ethan Eagle Chasing, C-EB, 17:28.

JV Girls 4000M

1, Erin Rave, Dupree, 18:36; 2, Sierra Bobtail Bear, C-EB, 18:48; 3, Tori Jensen, C-EB, 19:16; 4, Amber Ellison, Lemmon, 21:08; 5, Lisa Littleton, C-EB, 22:23; 6, Alexis Hambleton, C-EB; 22:57; 7, Alexis Mestes, C-EB, 23:39; 8, Shaylyn Loder, C-EB, 25:32.


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