Swiftbird/Marksville news and events


Submitted by Swiftbird/Marksville Community Officers Board

Here’s the lastest ‘business’ in Swiftbird/Marksville. A Community Officers Board has been meeting to draw up the budget for the TECA funds, these meetings were posted on the mailboxes in the Swiftbird community. Regular meetings have been scheduled for the first Friday of each month. The next meeting will hold elections for a secretary and treasurer, and take a second look at the current by-laws. Everyone is encouraged to attend, we are inviting potluck. If you consider yourself a part of the Swiftbird/Marksville community, please attend, we invite your input in order to better represent everyone.

The first youth activity is scheduled for Friday, January 18, 2013, at the Swiftbird/Marksville community center at 4:30p. A workshop on making shampoos, lip balm and healing salves will be facilitated by Linda Different Cloud, Lakota ethnobotanist from Sitting Bull College. A second youth activity is scheduled for January 21, 2013.



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