Keepseagle awardees must file a tax return


Submitted by Intertribal Agriculture Council

Billings, MT – The Intertribal Agriculture Council would like to share some important year-end tax information for Keepseagle claimants. Receiving either the Track A or Track B settlement payment was the first step in finalizing your Keepseagle settlement.

All settlement recipients will need to file a federal income tax return and report this settlement as income regardless of their current income level, land status, current employment status and even if they have not filed a Federal income tax return before.

Each settlement recipient will be receiving a Form 1099 MISC and/or a Form 1099-C around mid-January. Recipients must file a tax return to comply with IRS regulations. Many recipients may qualify for a tax refund and will not be able to get it unless they file a return. A fact sheet can be downloaded at

A series of workshops and an online webinar will be occurring across the nation to further assist awardees with tax filing and reporting issues.

Please visit the Intertribal Ag Council’s website: for a list of trainings. You may also visit the regional Extension Risk Management Education Centers at for workshops occurring in your area. For more tax topics and information go to