McCrea is SDTEA Teacher of the Year


Dale-McCrea-photoThe South Dakota Technology Education Association (SDTEA) is an association of professional educators that recognizes excellence in education. There are approximately 200 technology educators in the state of South Dakota. They teach in nearly every school district, urban as well as rural, in middle schools as well as high schools. Each year the SDTEA hosts an annual conference. This conference includes informational sessions on emerging technologies; sessions to exchange teaching methods, and a trade show for classroom and laboratory teaching materials.

There are annual awards for a Technology Teacher of the Year, for Program Excellence, and for Friends of Technology Education. This year’s conference was held from January 31 through February 2, and this year’s SDTEA Teacher of the Year is Dale McCrea, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School Industrial Technologies teacher.

The SDTEA is affiliated with ITEA, the International Technology Education Association. With thousands of members from around the nation as well as around the globe, ITEA is the largest professional group that promotes education for technological literacy. (Taken in part from the BHSU website)



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