Salazar update: Judge signs settlement agreement


by Ross DuBray

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the federal judge reviewing the Salazar settlement signed the court order accepting the terms of the Salazar settlement. “Now it’s a waiting game,” said CRST Chairman Kevin Keckler. Keckler received an email from attorney Gregory Yates notifying of the signed court order.

The funds will be deposited into the tribe’s account in eight to ten weeks, around mid April.

Distribution of the settlement in the form of a per capita payment will begin in the weeks following the deposit.

“We’re looking at the first half of May [for check disbursement],” said Keckler, in an interview with the West River Eagle. The tribe is working out the best distribution method to the members. Keckler thinks they will utilize the high school or other large facility for the disbursement.

For those members who don’t wish to stand in line, the checks can be mailed. The tribe will have a form available in the enrollment of¬fice to update member addresses.