Letter: Mayor reports to city with updates on waterline


This letter to the community is written to give the public an update on what is happening with the city waterline replacement and wastewater lift station and lagoon system. Waterline replacement: Funding in the amount of $390,000 has been approved for the replacement of eight blocks of old cast iron lines. Advertisement for bid letting should be published in the local papers the first part of April. The City has received grants and loan forgiveness in the amount of $327,000, leaving the City with about $63,000 for our share to pay. The $1.35 sur charge on your water bill will pay the debt off. Wastewater Facility plan: This is the sewer lift station, sewer lines, and the lagoon system. The public should know the City has been in violation with the Federal EPA in Denver since June of 2010. At the time of the tornado, flooding occurred and the City was accused of dumping raw sewage into Bear Creek. The lift station and lagoon system were built in 1975. The life of the system is 20 years. The system has served us well for 37 years. Because of Federal EPA regulations, demands and age of the system we have determined the best way to correct the situation and avoid further violations and fines is to update and replace deteriorated parts. A public hearing notice for the City Waste water project, and notice for Community Development Block Grant, were published in both Isabel Dakotan and West River Eagle, on March 7th for the hearing to be held at the City Office on March 18th at 7:00 p.m. Four people attended the hearing, two were candidates for City aldermen. The City Council has approved submitting an application for loan and grants to finance the project in the amount of $830,000. Breakdown of this project is: LIFT STATION; updating and repair $217,743.75. LAGOONS; Repairing dykes, rip-rap, valves and lines to the lagoon, $546,345. Camering all the City sewer lines, $65,000. At the April 1st City Council meeting, the Council will approve a resolution increasing the sewer rates from $15.00 to $23.00 per month. This charge will be effective with the April Billing payable by May 10, 2013.

-Ray Lenk, Dupree City Mayor


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