Special bond election to be held on replacing windows in the Ziebach County Courthouse


Ziebach County will be holding a special election on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, to approve a bond issue to replace all 67 courthouse windows and tuckpoint cracking on the outside of the Courthouse.

The windows in the Courthouse leak when it rains and let air (hot or cold) escape as the seals are broken and the window casings have rotted.  It has become a health issue as the sheet rock around the windows becomes wet and mold quickly grows.  Some of the sheet rock has had to be replaced because of mold and then becomes wet with the next rain.  If these repairs are not made, the interior condition of the Courthouse will deteriorate or even cause closure because of the mold.

Ziebach County has applied for various grants to cover the costs of the window replacement but has not been successful.  The only way a county can finance any project is to issue a bond and go through a municipal lease.  The Board opted for the bond issue as the rate of interest on the Bond shall not exceed 1% and a municipal lease interest rate will be at least 5%.  A Bond is the most economical finance option for Ziebach County.

Taxpayers in Ziebach County should not see a tax increase due to the bond issue as the amount of a yearly payment has already been in the Courthouse budget for repairs.  The Bond payments will not exceed 7 years.

This bond issue requires a majority vote.  If you have any questions, regarding the bond issue, please contact a county commissioner or the County Auditor at 365-5157.


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