Good Gravy! Do you wish your life was more earth-friendly?

permagraph by Glacial Lakes

Copyright © Glacial Lakes Permaculture, 2008 (graphic used with permission)

In recent years, Americans have spent a lot of time talking about how to live green, but a lot of these tips, tricks and sentiments don’t always meet us where we are at.

In fact, a lot of it became what is called greenwashing–fake green speak in order to sell more consumer products. Greenwashing makes many feel like you have to be rich to be green.

What if I told you that you could live more eco-friendly, create basic and comfortable real-life human habitats, right where you are at?

In fact, a way of life utilizing permaculture design is as simple as making gravy.

Good gravy.

Like permaculture, cooking good gravy (from scratch!) is a way of thinking, not just a recipe. I have my mom to thank for that. Thanks to her, I can make gravy out of almost anything.

Why do good prairie cooks make gravy?

  • Gravy makes the absolute most of what you have.
  • Leaves little to nothing to waste.
  • Is actually a lot easier than you think.
  • Is adaptable to any situation of ingredients.

Gravy isn’t just an extra.

A good prairie cook knows that gravy is an essential to a well-run kitchen and well-fed family, especially when made from wholesome ingredients like local beef and poured over home-grown veggies.

So, now that I’ve made you hungry, what about permaculture?

Permaculture stands for ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture.’ It is a design system to place human food growing and raising in an environment where you add to the land, instead of take away from it. Even touching on how you use your water, your home, and many other aspects of human habitation.

Instead of ‘trying to live green,’ I hope you will explore permaculture and associated methods and technologies with me in this regular West River Eagle-exclusive column, “Good Gravy.”

My friend and permaculture mentor, Karl J. Schmidt, of Glacial Lakes Permaculture in Estelline, SD, describes it like this: “Permaculture is a design system for ecological and sustainable living.”

Or, we can just say that permaculture is like gravy.

Good gravy.