C-EB Archers take second at state tournament

The C-EB Ohitika Archers finished second at the State Archery Tounrmanent in Rapid City. Photo by Ross DuBray

The C-EB Ohitika Archers finished second at the State Archery Tounrmanent in Rapid City. Photo by Ross DuBray

by Ross DuBray

The Cheyenne Eagle Butte Elementary Archery team finished second at the state archery tournament this last weekend in Rapid City at the Civic Center. The C-EB squad finished 48 points behind first place Gettysburg.

C-EB PE instructor and Archery Coach Allen Benoist was impressed how well the kids did. “It showed us what we could do and where we could improve,” said Benoist.

Thirty -three archers from C-EB competed in the elementary division and over 550 total participated in the fourth annual tournament.

The top eight scores from each team are added to determine team score. Gettysburg finished with 1889 points, C-EB 1841, and Rapid City East finished third with 1747 points.

Individual trophies were awarded to the top three finishers in each category. Although C-EB as a team finished second, none of the individual archers finished in the top three.

C-EB Archers take a steady aim at the target. Photo by Ross DuBray

C-EB Archers take a steady aim at the target. Photo by Ross DuBray

This was the first year C-EB participated in the tournament. C-EB individual results were: Demi Lends His Horse 243,  Thomas Three Legs 242, Payden Peterson 233, Lauryn Clown 232, Ethan Bruguier 232, Kiana Logg   225, Trevor Bourland   218, Louie Cloud Eagle 216, Miles Livermont    214, Keeyon Red Bear 209, Torin Johnson 203, Bryanna Clown   200, Lynda Charger 199, Ralph Vrooman 198, Luta Bobtail Bear   189, Eli Blue Coat 182, Chad Rousseau 178, Jastyn Ward 176, Emanuel Semon 173, Max Lawrence 166, Jaxon Garreau 166, Chaney LeCompte 163, Jodi Schad 163, Dawnelle Garter 158, Jason White Horse 148, Reid Murie 123, Mahli Shell 118, Keonna Red Bear 109, Liliana LeBeau 95, Meredith Swiftbird 93, Julian Red Bear 83, Brooklyn Harrison 80, and Sakaiya Martin 72. Tommie Ducheneaux finished with 189 in the junior high division.

Tournament  Results

Elementary School – 1. Jacob Birkeland, Jones County, 273.10; 2. Camden Nayman, Rapid City East, 265.05; 3. Brady Genzler, Gettysburg, 259.

Middle School – 1. Sarah Vos, Rapid City East, 287; 2. Deion Black Bull, Our Lady of Lourdes, 274; 3. Cody Vandenhoek, Dakota Christian, 270.10.

High School – 1. Josh Goeman, Lennox, 289; 2. Wyatt Hespe, Jones County, 273.10; 3. Adrian Schryvers, Avon, 272.12.

Team Results

Elementary school – 1. Gettysburg, 1889; 2. Eagle Butte, 1841; 3. Rapid City East, 1747.

Middle School – 1. Rapid City East, 2071; 2. Gettysburg, 1996; 3. Avon, 1984.

High School – 1. Lennox, 2120; 2. Dakota Christian, 1967; 3. Avon, 1958.



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