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Neon Nights, 2013 Dupree HS Prom


Glowing bright shades of pinks, oranges, greens, and yellow were the color scheme for the 2013 Dupree High School prom ‘Neon Nights’ as DHS Juniors, Hoss Rave and Cassy Woodward were crowned the 2013 Prom King & Queen by DHS Seniors Seth Longbrake and Anna Stambach.

The Class of 2014, in charge of prom with their advisors Mrs. Gnene Fordcye and Mrs. Linda Olsen, who also happily took help from Mrs. Jessie Longbrake, opted to not purchase a kit and designed and created the entire set for the large gym at DHS.  The goal to make everything glow involved a great deal of glowing paint and cutting of shapes that were also painted with glowing paint.  The prom goers were given glowing necklaces and bracelets to keep the lights shining; not sure they needed them though since everyone present was glowing with pleasure as they did the Grand March and showed off their amazing outfits, many in neon colors (even the guys

theme!), and later danced to the music from Power House DJ services.

Following the prom, which ran from a 7 p.m. Grand March to midnight, the students were encouraged to attend the post-prom sponsored by the Community Club and held at Pioneer Hall until 3 a.m.  There were many activities to enjoy, including a mechanical bull and games, and tasty snacks for them to enjoy prior to the drawing for wonderful prizes and a scholarship!