Randolph’s Corner: Earth Day events still coming! More tragedies, but bringing out the best in humanity


A belated ‘Earth Day’ to all as of this writing most of the activities have been postponed due to a late April blizzard. To be real, there have been late snowstorms even well into May but all things considered when you look back at last year’s meager winter and spring moisture offerings and aside from the danger to foals, calves, and other young animals, it’s moisture we will take. With all due respect also, another year of that hundred dollar a round bale will make myself a former horse owner and let’s just say there’s some extra prayers going out and if you’d like even extra for your area drop me a section map of your coordinates we’ll see what we can do. On that note here’s hoping we’ll have alot of May flora and fauna from the April rains or snowstorms.

Well, what can you say about the latest national news stories except there have been some “doosies” to say the least. Local South Dakotans who ran in the Boston Marathon the past week for the most part escaped the couple of explosive devices that killed three people and injured over 180 by last count. The perpetrators have been caught but from the initial chaos created, the event only achieved to unify a city that is steadfast committed to have an even bigger and better event next year. A tragic fertilizer factory explosion in Texas also was a cause of much more human casualties. There’s often a tendency in any significant tragedy for people to play the blame game to try to score points for whatever reason but what can’t be dismissed is events like this seemingly bring out the best in humanity and the reactions of first responders either in an official capacity or not can’t be overstated and their contributions to lessen the severity of death and injuries is truly something we all can be thankful for.