AT&T tower in Eagle Butte upgraded


by Ross DuBray

AT&T customers in Eagle Butte should see a considerable improvement in their cell coverage, according to Alex Carey, a spokesman for AT&T. Customers should notice that since the 26th of April, they have improved reception on their cell phones.

“We are happy to report that the restoration of the tower has been completed,” said Carey in a telephone interview with the West River Eagle.

According to Carey, the network was experiencing severe congestion in the area and that was causing degraded cell service. A carrier was added to the tower north of Eagle Butte to add capacity to the network to relieve the congestion.

“It’s like a two-lane highway, and your stuck in traffic and not moving. An extra lane is added to start the flow again,” said Carey.

According to Carey, the increased use of smart phones with data usage was a major cause of the drain on the system. “Initially when these networks were built, they were designed before the proliferation of smart phones.  More and more data usage in the area contributed to the congestion.“

Carey added that AT&T will be reassessing and monitoring the network and performance over the next days and weeks to see if any further work needs to be completed. “We are always in a state of adjusting for the needs of our customers,” said Carey.