Youth Tribal Scholars Water Essay Contest | West River Eagle

Youth Tribal Scholars Water Essay Contest


Winners of the Youth Tribal Scholars Water Essay will get to read their essay at the Mni Indigenous Water Summit!

Essays are to be written to challenge current attitudes and uses of water by federal, state and corporate interests in order to protect our sacred relative, Mni.

Entries due May 17, 2013. Turn them in at the West River Eagle, c/o Tasi Livermont or drop hard copy by the office.

Contest rules:

1. No plagiarizing. This will disqualify you.

2. Use credible sources, especially tribal scholars like Vine Deloria, Jr. and others. Oral tradition is a legitimate source, but please name your elders, teachers, etc.

3. Entries will be judged on quality and originality of thought, usefulness to tribal scholarship and action, and use of sources.

4. Quality of writing will also be judged. English may not be a turtle island language, but mastery of the language is still desirable as a tool.

5. Please provide English translation for all Lakota language used. We might be able to infer a translation, but we would rather have it in your own words.

6. Word requirement/limits: Ages up to 13  400-500 words, Ages 14-17  750-900 words, 18+, 1000-1200 words.

Homeschoolers welcome.

Cash Prizes for College, High School and Middle School Categories.

Water themes for the categories are:

Up to age 13: Water Safety

Ages 14-17: Water Security

18+: Water Sovereignty