Landfill purchases new equipment with TECA grant


In October of 2012, the CRST Landfill received a $1,906,424 TECA grant to upgrade equipment and infrastructure.

Three new rear-dump trucks were purchased with the funds along with a Bo-Mag packer to cover garbage at the landfill.  Two new program trucks were purchased along with 210 replacement dumpsters and canisters. Two of the trucks arrived at the end of March and third came the middle of April.

A director’s salary was also included in the grant. In December of 2012, Tater Ward was hired for the Director position. Ward’s goal as the new director has been to button up the landfill and get control of what’s being dumped.

“Just because it’s a dump ground, doesn’t mean it has to look like a dump ground,” said Ward.

Ward is hopeful by next week the scale will be up and running. Once the scale is operational, the landfill will be able to weigh incoming loads and charge accordingly in compliance with Tribal Ordinance 33.

After this week’s summer clean-up, the landfill gates will be locked after 5 p.m. and during the weekends. Surveillance cameras have been posted at the gates and throughout the surrounding areas to deter any dumping violations.

Signs  have been posted as to where to dump certain waste. No hazardous waste is allowed as only solid waste is accepted at the landfill.
The landfill staff is asking that customers use garbage bags in the dumpsters and containers to help prevent garbage from flying.

In order to keep the new trucks in good running condition, the landfill would also like to remind the public that these items are not allowed in the dumpsters:

  • loose twine
  • net wrap
  • wires
  • wood
  • large pieces of metal
  • cement
  • big rocks
  • dead animals
  • human waste.

Owners of the dumpster will be fined for dumping human waste and your dumpster maybe removed as this is a safety issue for landfill employees.

For any other questions or information on the Landfill dumping or billing please feel free to call Tater Ward, Director or Jackie Haskell, Office Manager at 964-6111.


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