2013 Dupree Wacipi Results


Submitted by Bernita In The Woods


Junior Girls Fancy

1st-#106 Lilian With Horn, Aberdeen, SD

2nd-#116 Lennix Dupris, Rapid City, SD

3rd-#126 Olivia Thunder Hawk, Bismarck, ND

Junior Girls Jingle

1st-#104 Ashley Henderson, Box Elder, SD

2nd-#120 Emilie Miner, Eagle Butte, SD

3rd-#125 Sophia Thunder Hawk, Bismarck, ND

Junior Girls Traditional

1st-#101 Aviana Hollow Horn, Rapid City, SD

2nd-#112 Valerie Lends His Horse, Rapid City, SD

3rd-Genevieve Iron Lightning, Eagle Butte, SD

Junior Boys Fancy

1st-#103 Janessa Eagle Horse, Eagle Butte, SD

2nd-#123 Tyler Bullhead, Rapid City, SD

Junior Boys Grass

1st-#109 Sodizin Medicine Bull, Ashland, MT

2nd-#100 Antwan West, Rapid City, SD

3rd-#110 Landin Dupris, Cherry Creek, SD

Junior Boys Traditional

1st-#115 Leland West, Eagle Butte, SD

2nd-#107 Mahki Hollow Horn, Rapid City, SD

3rd-#119 Rayden Bullhead, Rapid City, SD

Teen Girls Fancy

1st-#161 Mianna Killspotted, Box Elder, SD

2nd-#163 Sabrina Pourier, Rapid City, SD

3rd-#179 Mary Louise Garter, Eagle Butte, SD

Teen Girls Jingle

1st-#174 Nique Long, Rapid City, SD

2nd-#176 Christina New Holy, Porcupine, SD

3rd-#170 Kaygan BearComesOut, Lame Deer, MT

Teen Girls Tradition-No contestants

Teen Boys Fancy-No contestants

Teen Boys Grass

1st-#171 Wiley BearComesOut, Lame Deer, MT

2nd-#168 Aubrey Dupris, Cherry Creek, SD

3rd-#169 Tallyn Garreau, Eagle Butte, SD

Teen Boys Traditional

1st-#167 Alize West, Rapid City, SD

2nd-#173 Chris Mercado

3rd-#175 Wesley New Holy, Jr., Porcupine, SD

Women’s Fancy

1st-#216 Carmen Iron Hawk, Red Scaffold, SD

2nd-#223 Aubrey Hale, Takini, SD

3rd-#239 Caitlyn Gunville, Eagle Butte, SD

Women’s Jingle

1st-#Lyndsey New Holy, Porcupine, sD

2nd-#226 Ramona Bradley Smith, Flagstaff, AZ

3rd-#231 Thomasina Mountain Sheep, Pablo, MT

Women’s Traditional

1st-#201 Kella With Horn, Aberdeen, SD

2nd-#210 Delores Curley, Cherry Creek, SD

3rd-#230 Audrey Makes Room For Them, Eagle Butte, SD

Men’s Fancy

1st-#222 Tanner Dupris, Eagle Butte, SD

2nd-#238 Maza Hand, Pine Ridge, SD

3rd-#235 Nick Demarce, Eagle Butte, SD

Men’s Grass

1st-#229 Kyle Mountain Sheep, Pablo, MT

2nd-#209 Mitchum Dupris, Cherry Creek, SD

3rd-#213 Delwin Fiddler, Belcourt, ND

Men’s Traditional

1st-#237 Wesley New Holy, Sr., Porcupine, SD

2nd-#202 Scott With Horn, Aberdeen, SD

3rd-#217 Clark Iron Hawk, Sr., Red Scaffold, SD




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Most recent Eagle Butte Special City Council Meeting held on April 23, 2014. Recording is of the entire open session excluding executive session. Action taken was to restate and re-approve three motions made at the April 9, 2014 session. Approved to move ahead with main street water main replacement project and to open it up to bids. Most recent regular Eagle Butte City Council Meeting on April 9, 2014. Recording records entire meeting excluding a one-hour executive session. Top action taken: approved Tuesday's Ward II election results; rescinded February council action reducing Mayor salary, putting it back to what it was prior to action; appointed Verzella LaPlante Mayor; appointed Tyson LaPlante to fill Ward II seat. Most recent Dupree City Council meeting held on Monday, April 7, 2014. Most recent regular Dupree City Council Meeting held on March 3, 2014. Recording starts shortly after meeting was called to order and runs entire length of meeting. Main discussion points included city streets and the upcoming April election.


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