What’re your favorite smartphone apps?

Nerd on the Range

As smart phones become more and more a part of our daily lives, the options they give us can seem somewhat overwhelming.

There’s a lot more to smartphones than women taking kissy duck-lipped pictures of themselves.

With the different applications or apps for short that smart phones allow you to download and run on the phone like mini computer programs, there is pretty much an app for everything.

First you have to educate yourself on how to download them and then figure out which one’s you want to use.

Just the other day I was visiting with someone whose employer in Pierre has an awesome free app that gives a lot of cool (FREE) features and also, of course, provides more ways for their customers to interact with them.

I generally live by the life motto, “Easily pleased, but not easily impressed,” and this app had totally done both for me, so I was laying out all of its cool features.

Realizing that there was some silence on the other end, I asked him if he had used the app himself.

There was a bit of a silence, and then this 20-30-year-old guy said, “You know what they say about smart phones being as smart as the person running them? Well, yeah, I barely use mine.”

I bet this guy had the best of intentions. I’ve used several smart phones with varying degrees of intensity, and I have even scrimped by to afford them, because I felt they were very necessary for the work I was doing.

So I understand why people feel they need one and then their reluctance to do more than work-related activity on it. Or being so busy that you don’t have time to learn how to run the thing.

Slowly, I am learning to have fun with my iPhone.

That’s right.


So, smart phones are awesome for work, fun and even educating the kiddos.

You can even read the West Rive Eagle’s e-Edition on one using the web browser (had to just put that in here, you know).

Looking for a few tried-and-true apps to get you widening your horizons?

My favorite apps are the Walgreens apps for health and wellness, you even can log your exercise and weight loss to earn points towards cash savings in the store. I just downloaded the brand new Podcast app, so that I can listen to my new favorite podcast, “Digital Homesteading.” (Interestingly enough their last interview they interviewed a woman who teaches lay people to make kick butt smartphone apps with little technical know-how. Check the ‘Ideapreneur’ episode for that.

Monday, July 29, on the West River Eagle Facebook page, we ran a contest and polled our fans on what some of their favorite app’s are. Here’s a few of them: Leafsnap, Facebook, Instagram, Songpop, Pinterest, Runtastic Pro, Pandora, SoundHound, Skyview, Reddit is Fun, Lakota Toddler, PBS Kids, PBS Parents, Camera+.

What are your favorite apps? What’s your biggest smart-phone hang-ups (no pun intended)?