It happens

Don’t squat with your spurs on by Blaine Nordvold

Columnist Blaine Nordvold.

Anytime you work cattle in the corral you can expect some kind of wreck, and some cowboys seem to be more prone to them than others.

Such was the case with an old cowboy named Jerry.

He liked to help in some way, but put him amongst cattle and you were guaranteed a wreck of some sort. Case in point, getting caught in the ‘v.’ A ‘v’is the rope between you, the critter you roped, and the slack that gets stretched tight when the critter hits the end.

Jerry got caught in one, and it was bad. I roped a big weaner calf, dallied up, but the calf run to left behind Jerry, and there was no time for him to even think.

Jerry was caught in the ‘v.’

When that calf hit the end of the rope, the rope snapped something similar to a slingshot, Old Jerry flew like a rock between a slingshot’s forks, slammed to the ground, then into the corral.

He took such a terrible hit that he produced natural gas like no other. He was flat against the corral reaching for his cap which was plumb backwards on his head, as he gasped for air but there was more natural gas coming out of him than what was going in! Hilarious not to say the least.

Another time while trying to run a bull in the chute to load for market, the bull wasn’t going up that chute so Jerry grabbed a little stick about a foot long and going to whack the bull in the head to turn him but the bull had other ideas.

He took to Jerry as the bull bellowed and blew snot. Old Jerry threw the little stick at him, turned to run but slipped in some fresh bovine excrement and spun out. Old Mr. Bull decided to help Jerry get started, hit him with a sickening thud, slammed Jerry against a wind break where there was no escape and proceeded to punish Jerry a little for throwing the stick at him.

Jerry survived but as he finally crawled out of the corral, I heard him mutter something about this was bull something or other! You load him, he’s your bull…