January 15, 2013 — With the turmoil within the City of Eagle Butte, we find that this is the perfect time to announce a plan we have had in development for over a year. All state-mandated public meetings that we record for our notes, will now be made available to the public.

Currently, with our staffing, we regularly attend the City of Eagle Butte Council Meetings and the City of Dupree Council Meetings. These will be the first to be podcasted.

We also want to give a hats off to the City of Eagle Butte that even in the midst of this difficult time, they have implemented a recording system that they have in their possession. As a note of transparency, we are using their sound file, because their recording equipment is better, especially when they have speakers who are sitting elsewhere in the room. We will always have our own backup recording though, should the unforeseen happen. For all other state-mandated public meetings, we will be using our own recorder.

We hope that this service in addition to the minutes published in our newspaper and our news reporting will help create a better informed citizenry.



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