Mni Wasté waterline project

submitted photo

submitted photo


Truckloads of 30 inch pipe sit at the Coop parking lot, waiting to be delivered to their destination, the 12-mile Mni Wasté waterline project.  Trucks have been bringing the pipes in for the last couple of weeks as Mni Waste/Tri-County Water get ready to break ground on Phase 1 of the new waterline on April 24, 2014. Phase 1 of the project will pump raw water 10.1 miles from Lake Oahe to a new water treatment center. Phase 2 of the project will include the construction of the treatment center and a portion of treated water line running from the treatment center.  Phase 3 will be the construction of 25 miles of 24-inch treated water pipeline that will run 12.25 miles northwest to Highway 212 and 12.1 miles west to Eagle Butte. Completion of the project is expected by late 2015, early 2016



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