Thirteen candidates to vie for CRST Chairman seat


Twelve petitions and one nomination were filed with the Tribal Secretary for the seat of Chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

The chairman seat currently occupied by Kevin Keckler is up for election this year. Keckler who has served since 2010 will not seek re-election to the seat but will run for a vacant District Four seat.

The thirteen candidates for Chairman At Large are Manny C. Iron Hawk, Amos J Cook III, Ronald Eagle Chasing, Harold Frazier, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., Lanny Laplant Jr., Wm. Carl High Bear Sr. (nomination), Thomas R. Eagle Staff, Robert “Bob” Walters, Derek Bartlett, Wayne L. Ducheneaux II, Ryman G LeBeau, and Bryce In The Woods.

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