Blizzard of Support

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While covering the storm, its impacts and the fundraising going on to support ranch families affected by the blizzard, we will post websites that we have found helpful in reporting and think you may find them helpful as well. If you have information that you think should be listed here that you would like to tell us about or concerns about any of these sites or organizations, please email Tasi Livermont at


South Dakota Rancher Relief Fund Donate Page

Relief efforts:

Atlas Blizzard Ranch Relief and Fund

Rancher Relief Fund FAQ page

Heifers for South Dakota

FEMA SD Disaster Page

Deadline approaching December 18, 2013, for Disaster Unemployment Assistance

More information:

The South Dakota Cowgirl by Dewey County ranch woman Jenn Zeller

South Dakota Stockgrowers Blizzard Response Page

SD Cattlemen’s News page 


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