Charger to assume Dupree Snow Queen duties


On July 12, 2014, Jasilyn Charger assumed the role of the Dupree Snow Queen due to the current Snow Queen being unable to fulfill her obligations.

Charger was the first runner up at last years competition and will have a few community service projects to complete before the end of her reign in November.

Starting the Parade




submitted photo

submitted photo

Pete Longbrake along with grandson Dakota Longbrake led the Parade processional down Main Street during Pioneer Days. Dakota carried the U.S. Flag and Pete carried the American Legion Flag.

Eagle Butte 20-1 reorganizes for 2014-15


The Eagle Butte 20-1 District School Board met on Monday night and swore in new board members and re-organized for the 2014-15 school year.

After the board conducted old business, newly elected board members Kyle Ward, Sami Ducheneaux, and Tina Neigel were swore in by 20-1 Business Manager Keith Watt to start their tenure for the year.

Charles Shupick was nominated by Tina Neigel to serve another year as board chairman. Shupick was renamed to chair after no other nominations were given. Holly Annis will serve as the vice-chairman for the next year.

Farmers Union announces Dewey/Ziebach Counties Day Camp date


From electricity and internet access, to banking and farm inputs, rural residents throughout South Dakota depend upon cooperative businesses for access to many essential products and services. To celebrate cooperatives’ role in their communities, Farmers Union organizations across the state will host day camps for rural youth.

This year’s theme: “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Cooperation,” celebrates the superheroes that are our local cooperatives.

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Sunset on the prairie The evening sky west of Eagle Butte paints a bright canvas of orange and purple as the sun sets

Ross DuBray/West River Eagle

Ross DuBray/West River Eagle

C.R.S.T. Telephone Authority continues upgrading plant facilities and network


CRST Telephone Authority (CRSTTA) is once again investing in broadband network upgrades to provide more enhanced services to its subscribers.  Over the past several years, CRSTTA has been constructing fiber to all locations in their service territory.  This project will be complete in 2015.

As CRSTTA has been connecting subscribers to this new fiber network, subscribers have had increased access to high-speed broadband and Internet-based applications.  With access to the new network, the amount of subscriber generated data that is required to be transported from the CRSTTA network to the outside world has been growing.



Dupree Pioneer Days Celebration kicks off this weekend


The Dupree Pioneer Days celebration will kick off on Friday, July 11, 2014 with a Youth Play Day at the rodeo grounds beginning at 10 a.m.  The age categories are 5 & under, 6-9 and 10-14 with several events including barrel racing, pole bending, goat ribbon jerking, flag race, boot races and more.  There is a $2 entry fee for contestants with cash prizes.  There will be no admission charge at the gate and concessions will be available.

The DHS Alumni reunion will begin that evening with registration from 4-5- p.m., supper at 5 p.m. and a program following that will include honoring graduating classes ending in 4.  The Alumni Reunion is a great time to re-connect with classmates and recall those “good old days” with stories and laughter.  A one act play, “Aw, Shucks!” featuring some of the best acting talent in the area will begin at 7:30 p.m. at Pioneer Hall.  The story portrayed will have you chuckling with delight and the commercials will be top notch.   The Dupree Wacipi will begin at 7 p.m. at the Pow-Wow grounds north of the Elevator with colorful dancers from near and far.

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Ziebach County Commissioners pass Resolution for Disaster Relief


as the premier topic for discussion when the Ziebach County Commissioners gathered for their regular meeting July 1, 2014.

Most of the road damage is located in the northern part of the county, with roads washed out and culverts rusted or damaged. In some places, the roads have been closed because they are impassable.

Across Ziebach County there were between 140 to 170 reports of road or culvert damage or blow-outs for which the county is responsible.

To compound the issue, the county is now down to one employee to repair the road conditions.

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29th Annual Iron Lightning Memorial Wacipi Celebration


Come out and see the 29th Annual Iron Lightning Memorial Wacipi over the 4th of July Weekend. Located at the Iron Lightning Wacipi grounds, activities are as follows:

July 3rd- there will be a “Wasicu” Dance starting at 9 p.m.;

July 3rd& 4th- there will be a Co-ed slow pitch softball tournament with a $75.00 entry fee;



Thirteen candidates to vie for CRST Chairman seat


Twelve petitions and one nomination were filed with the Tribal Secretary for the seat of Chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

The chairman seat currently occupied by Kevin Keckler is up for election this year. Keckler who has served since 2010 will not seek re-election to the seat but will run for a vacant District Four seat.

The thirteen candidates for Chairman At Large are Manny C. Iron Hawk, Amos J Cook III, Ronald Eagle Chasing, Harold Frazier, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., Lanny Laplant Jr., Wm. Carl High Bear Sr. (nomination), Thomas R. Eagle Staff, Robert “Bob” Walters, Derek Bartlett, Wayne L. Ducheneaux II, Ryman G LeBeau, and Bryce In The Woods.

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